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Mapping History

Commissioned by the Westland Archives and Museum, Mapping History has made a new digital historical atlas: Westlandkaart. This growth map is part of a larger project as the Westland Archives is in the proces of making a detailed atlas on the landscape development of the region. The result will be a unique combination of a digital and paper atlas on the history of landscape and community development in a Dutch region thafamous for its greenhouses

westlandkaart online


Museum Vlaardingen
Commissioned by Museum Vlaardingen Mapping History has made a new animation film that tells the story of the city, starting around 6000 years ago.

Slot Zuylen Castle
Commissioned by Slot Zuylen Castle Mapping History has made  a growth map of ‘The Land of Zuylen’. Slot Zuylen Castle is situated on the river Vecht, near the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

This digital historical map, part of a special website and interactive museum presentation, shows how Slot Zuylen Castle once was surrounded by a wide landscape and how this landscape has been changed drastically over the ages.


Apart from a website and a touchscreen presentation, Mapping History has made an animation film showing in 3D how Slot Zuylen Castle in the 18th century was converted from a 16th century castle into a country mansion.

The animation film and the website are both on show at Slot Zuylen Castle.