About us

Mapping History (formerly Mapsplusmotion) makes animation films, apps and websites on the basis of digital historical maps for museums and other heritage institutions. Our digital maps are based on precise historical cartographic research. They have a modern, identical map image, fit seamlessly onto Google Maps and are therefore suitable for all online applications.

Mapping History was founded by Ger Haartman, Wim de Bell and Wouter Overhaus. They are, respectively, a multimedia designer with a background in the visual arts; an historian and exhibition maker, formerly curator of Dutch history at the Rijksmuseum; and the creative director of OVERHAUS, studio for design and communication.

We have extensive experience in the field of museums, design, history, heritage and the visual arts. As independent designers and cultural entrepreneurs Ger Haartman, Wim de Bell and Wouter Overhaus all work individually for many Dutch museums, such as the Amsterdam Historical Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s House, the Resistance Museum, the Hannema de Stuers Fundatie and the National Archives.

For the production of our maps, websites, apps and other products we work closely with regular partners:

Matise: matise.nl
Armand Haye: armandhaye.nl
Occhio: occhio.nl
Cyberfish: cyberfish.nl